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You maybe someone who is effected by stress in your life or you may be someone who has a long term commitment to your personal and physical development. Either way we can assist you on your journey with MyBodyMindWorkout.

I’ve opted for a website that YOU can contribute to, comment on and make your experience with us a creative interaction.

That doesn’t mean you can’t simply look at the content of this site…of course you can! I want you to make as much use as possible of all the information, videos, audio files, tips, advise and secrets, as you possible can.

As I add new content, it will show up in the right-hand column, by subject matter. This information will include tasks, topics to understand,subjects for direct learning and products and resources that will support you to manage your stress and generate energy.

So whenever you’re ready, enter your name and email address in the Form on the front page and this will give you access to free information and connect you with a growing community of like minded people.

To Your Very Good Health

Michael Richards

Self Healing Day

Watch this space for the next Self Healing Day

Stress is something that everybody experiences at sometime in their life and it can be devastating and debilitating, but it doesn’t need to be so. At MyBodyMindWorkout we have created a Self Healing Day workshop, to enable you to relax, manage your stress and improve your quality of life….. while having fun!

Our next Self Healing Day will be on SATURDAY…………..between 10am and 5pm at Amersham Community Centre, Drake Hall, Chiltern Ave, Amersham. HP6 5AH.

During the day we will be doing:

  • Shaking and breathing, which breaks down patterns of muscular tension in your body and relaxes your mind.
  • Flow Writing – to help you release negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Movement & Expression – to bring awareness and release tension from your body.
  • Self Massage – which can improve your blood circulation, help release traumas and improve your overall well being.
  • Massage – for healing.
  • Communication- enhancing communication skills and listening techniques.

In a safe and caring environment you can let your tension and resistance melt away.

Drinks and snacks will be available and you need to supply your own lunch.

To book your place on the Self Healing Day with Michael Richards

phone 01923 262260  or mob 0778 6300 97 or

Look at the payment options below and click to pay.

Special price £50.

Please note you do not need to have a paypal account to pay by paypal.

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